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April 2023

Elaine Vanderwerf is the Family Ministries Lay Pastoral Associate at St. Timothy's Anglican Church, Agincourt. She has an MDiv in Youth and Family Ministry from Tyndale Seminary and many years of experience in ministry with children and youth. She has served in a variety of different settings, always living out her passion to help children and young people grow in their faith, develop a life of worship, and live in the deep and abiding love of Jesus.

The idea for Ignite came during the pandemic when she brought together children and youth from a couple of parishes for Sunday School and Youth Groups.  She found this level of cooperation helpful, so why not expand to a whole deanery.  And so Ignite was created.

Elaine loves reading books and watching movies, especially science fiction and fantasy. She plays piano, guitar, mandolin, ukulele and harp: she also paints, draws and writes stories, poems and songs. Elaine loves video chats with her nieces and nephews in Scotland and is the proud “pet mom” to Caleb and Sam, the dogs and Sophie and Kayla the cats.

Meet the Ignite Family Ministry Director: News
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